Greater Gods

The Greater Gods are the most powerful beings in the world of Oulo, and they exercise dominion over all other creatures, including the other less powerful gods. There are two greater gods in prominence, though scholars and heretics hold that there was once a third greater god who warred with the others and was banished. After that conflict, known as the Eclipse, the remaining two greater gods established the peace that has held since then.

The Father Sun (Lawful; Civilization, Tyranny, the Sun)

The Father Sun is the dominant god in the cosmos, and rules with an iron fist. It is generally preached that he was betrayed by the banished god, which started the god-war, and then consolidated his power to prevent the lesser gods from rising up and plunging the world into chaos. Though cruel and unyielding, he is fair, and those that accept his rules and fall in line generally get by.

The Mother Earth (Neutral; Creation, Life, Wilderness)

The Mother Earth is every bit as powerful as The Father Sun, but is much less inclined to exert her influence over others. In the god-war, she mainly remained neutral, but gave in to The Father Sun’s requests for aid when he threatened to diminish the sunlight that she needed to sustain life. Though she could contest his power, she is typically more interested in maintaining and growing than in subjugating others.

Free Gods

The Free Gods, so called because they have enough followers that they have remained independent from (if inferior to) Father and Mother, are the most active gods in the world of Oulu. Their power is directly tied up in their worshipers, but as The Father Sun does not wish to start an uprising by outlawing the activities related to their domains, they remain strong. As they are constantly seeking to increase their influence, they are very involved in the lives of mortals who pledge their allegiance. The free gods are aware that their freedom is dependent on their power, and as such they have formed something of a loose alliance, often sharing temples and worshipers.

The Merchant (Chaotic; Trade, Wealth)

The Muse (Neutral; Hope, Love)

The Magister (Lawful; Knowledge, Skill)

Lesser Gods

The Lesser Gods make up the largest part of the pantheon, and consist of gods who have been conquered or weakened by The Father Sun. Though they are still far more powerful than any mortal, they all owe allegiance to Father, and support him at least in word, if not in deed. Though they rule varying domains and range across the spectrum of alignments, they are largely united in their bitterness and resentment of the greater gods, and religious scholars speculate on what might happen if The Father Sun were to lose his grip on them.

The Warden (Lawful; Strength, Earth)

The Silence (Lawful; Secrets, Trickery)

The Sword (Lawful; War, Destruction)

The Keeper (Neutral; Death, Protection)

The Frozen (Neutral; Winter, Strife)

The Plague (Neutral; Poison, Torment)

The Seer (Chaotic; Prophecy, Madness)

The Tempest (Chaotic; Storm, Sea)

The Acolyte (Chaotic; Magic, Undeath)


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