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  • The Mother Earth

    *Greater Goddess* *Domains:* Creation, Life, and Nature (Wilderness) *Patron of:* [[Humans]] *Worshiped by:* [[Humans]], farmers, rangers, druids Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Muse

    *Free Goddess* *Domains:* Hope and Love *Patron of:* Lovers *Worshiped by:* artists, dancers, romantics Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Keeper

    *Lesser Goddess* *Domains:* Death and Protection *Patron of:* [[Shadar-Kai]] *Worshiped by:* [[Shadar-Kai]], bereaved, undertakers Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Plague

    *Lesser God* *Domains:* Poison and Torment *Patron of:* anyone sick or diseased *Worshiped by:* the chronically ill, assassins, torturers Back to [[Pantheon]]