Tag: lesser god


  • The Warden

    *Lesser God* *Domains:* Earth and Strength *Patron of:* [[Dwarves]] *Worshiped by:* [[Dwarves]], [[Muls]], fighters Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Silence

    *Lesser Goddess* *Domains:* Secrets (Darkness) and Trickery *Patron of:* [[Kenkus]] *Worshiped by:* [[Kenkus]], spies Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Sword

    *Lesser God* *Domains:* Destruction and War *Patron of:* [[Orcs]] *Worshiped by:* [[Orcs]], [[Half-Orcs]], soldiers Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Keeper

    *Lesser Goddess* *Domains:* Death and Protection *Patron of:* [[Shadar-Kai]] *Worshiped by:* [[Shadar-Kai]], bereaved, undertakers Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Plague

    *Lesser God* *Domains:* Poison and Torment *Patron of:* anyone sick or diseased *Worshiped by:* the chronically ill, assassins, torturers Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Acolyte

    *Lesser God* *Domains:* Magic (Arcana) and Undeath *Patron of:* [[Eladrin]] *Worshiped by:* [[Eladrin]], wizards, necromancers Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Seer

    *Lesser God* *Domains:* Prophecy (Fate) and Madness *Patron of:* *Worshiped by:* fortune tellers, advisers, lunatics Back to [[Pantheon]]