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  • Pantheon

    h3. Greater Gods The Greater Gods are the most powerful beings in the world of Oulo, and they exercise dominion over all other creatures, including the other less powerful gods. There are two greater gods in prominence, though scholars and heretics …

  • The Father Sun

    *Greater God* *Domains:* Civilization, Sun, and Tyranny *Patron of:* [[Tieflings]] *Worshiped by:* [[Tieflings]], everyone not looking for trouble Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Mother Earth

    *Greater Goddess* *Domains:* Creation, Life, and Nature (Wilderness) *Patron of:* [[Humans]] *Worshiped by:* [[Humans]], farmers, rangers, druids Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Merchant

    *Free God* *Domains:* Trade (Change) and Wealth (Luck) *Patron of:* [[Halflings]] *Worshiped by:* [[Halflings]], tax collectors, shopkeepers, gamblers Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Muse

    *Free Goddess* *Domains:* Hope and Love *Patron of:* Lovers *Worshiped by:* artists, dancers, romantics Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Magister

    *Free God* *Domains:* Knowledge and Skill *Patron of:* [[Shardminds]] *Worshiped by:* [[Shardminds]], artisans, scholars Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Warden

    *Lesser God* *Domains:* Earth and Strength *Patron of:* [[Dwarves]] *Worshiped by:* [[Dwarves]], [[Muls]], fighters Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Silence

    *Lesser Goddess* *Domains:* Secrets (Darkness) and Trickery *Patron of:* [[Kenkus]] *Worshiped by:* [[Kenkus]], spies Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Sword

    *Lesser God* *Domains:* Destruction and War *Patron of:* [[Orcs]] *Worshiped by:* [[Orcs]], [[Half-Orcs]], soldiers Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Keeper

    *Lesser Goddess* *Domains:* Death and Protection *Patron of:* [[Shadar-Kai]] *Worshiped by:* [[Shadar-Kai]], bereaved, undertakers Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Plague

    *Lesser God* *Domains:* Poison and Torment *Patron of:* anyone sick or diseased *Worshiped by:* the chronically ill, assassins, torturers Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Acolyte

    *Lesser God* *Domains:* Magic (Arcana) and Undeath *Patron of:* [[Eladrin]] *Worshiped by:* [[Eladrin]], wizards, necromancers Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Seer

    *Lesser God* *Domains:* Prophecy (Fate) and Madness *Patron of:* *Worshiped by:* fortune tellers, advisers, lunatics Back to [[Pantheon]]