Tag: chaotic


  • The Merchant

    *Free God* *Domains:* Trade (Change) and Wealth (Luck) *Patron of:* [[Halflings]] *Worshiped by:* [[Halflings]], tax collectors, shopkeepers, gamblers Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Acolyte

    *Lesser God* *Domains:* Magic (Arcana) and Undeath *Patron of:* [[Eladrin]] *Worshiped by:* [[Eladrin]], wizards, necromancers Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • The Seer

    *Lesser God* *Domains:* Prophecy (Fate) and Madness *Patron of:* *Worshiped by:* fortune tellers, advisers, lunatics Back to [[Pantheon]]

  • Great Spirit in the Air

    Worshiped by [[Goliaths]] across Oulo, the Great Spirit in the Air is widely believed to be little more than superstition crafted by goliath sooth-sayers. Priests and scholars have pointed to the fact that the Great Spirit has never taken a direct role in …