Peoples of Oulo

Oulo is a world inhabited by all sorts of creatures, humanoid and otherwise. This is a list of the civilized races and their place in the world.

Playable Races


Mankind is the greatest of The Mother Earth’s children, and they makes up the largest portion of the civilized world thanks in no small part to her blessing. Humans can be found in most settled parts of the world, as well as many unsettled parts, and belong to all walks of life. As a whole, there is nothing remarkable about the human race, but individuals can be extremely resilient, and those who choose it are well suited to a life of adventure.


It is not certain where Tieflings first originated, or how they became so well situated in polite society. What is certain, though, is that they are The Father Sun’s favorite children, and they are rarely shy about flaunting their affinity for fire. Tieflings are best described as deviously clever, and they are well known for their willingness to take advantage of others. They often use their ties to The Father Sun and their natural talents to maneuver themselves into positions of power.


The Little People, as they are known by humanity, are the most entrepreneurial race on Oulo. Being generally unsuited to tough physical labor, and disinclined to study or practice long enough to become skilled artisans, Halflings instead have learned to hawk the goods and services of others, always at a tidy profit.

Muls (Half-Dwarves)

Half-Dwarves, or Muls, are almost as common as humans now, as the dwarven clans mixed with other races after The Warden’s fall. Muls are characterized by their tough physical endurance, and carry on the traditions of their dwarven forefathers as best they are able.


Though Elves are rare in civilized lands, Half-Elves represent an expanding population on the frontiers, and it is not uncommon for them to venture into the more populated regions, where their combination of Elven confidence and Human persistence serve them well.


Unlike pure Orcs, Half-Orcs are clever enough to get by in the human and tiefling societies of the big cities, and their Orcish strength and ferocity makes particularly well suited to life in the slums. However, there are plenty of Half-Orcs who are honest and trustworthy individuals, and even some who have broken into the upper circles of the aristocracy.


Taller than Elves but as sturdy as any Dwarf, Goliaths are the hardiest of the civilized races. Though they are not as common as other races, their impressive stature makes them stand out enough in a crowd that most folk are well aware of and comfortable with their existence. More so than most, Goliaths value their freedom, and will fight to the death before they allow themselves to be caged. This natural claustrophobia leads them to avoid big cities, preferring places where they can ‘stretch out’.


A race of bird-like humanoids, Kenkus stand out in society only because of their appearances. In practice, they are a quiet and secluded people who mostly keep to themselves and try to go about their business. They can be found in all lines of work, and prefer to do jobs where they can watch and listen to the people around them. Though they are guarded around other races, information travels quickly through any Kenku community, and there is little about the workings of a city that you can’t learn from the birds.


Shardminds are among the strangest of the races of Oulo, resembling humanoid creatures made entirely of glass or crystal. They are the work of The Magister, who created them to be a repository of knowledge and expertise. Shardminds often hold positions of stewardship, though they do so out of a feeling of responsibility, rather than a desire to govern.

Other Races of Oulo


The Elves of Oulo are nearly as numerous as humans, but they follow a nomadic lifestyle and are rarely seen in settlements. They are a proud and warlike people, and their horsemanship is unmatched. The great plains of Oulo are generally considered to be ruled by the Elven tribes (known in polite society as the Fey Nations), who travel with and hunt great herds of bison. Because of their nomadic lifestyle and general isolation, Elves are thought by many to be savages, and their tendency to raid caravans and burn the occasional farmstead has not aided that perception.


When their patron deity, The Warden, was subjugated and made to bow before The Father Sun, the dwarves took up arms in great numbers, but their efforts were too little and too late; the armies of the Sun God systematically conquered all of the great Dwarf Holds, and the few survivors were forced to assimilate into other cultures. Pure-blooded dwarves are a rare sight indeed, and those few remaining are often simply mistaken for their descendants, the half-dwarven Muls.


Favored children of The Sword, Orcs are fairly common throughout Oulo, and are justifiably valued both for their combat prowess and for their tendency to carry out orders without asking questions. Though they fare poorly in civilized lands, the Orcs have become an important part of the military. A respectable Orc can easily find work as a mercenary, while less savory types gravitate towards smuggling and piracy.


The closest thing most people have ever seen to a true dragon, Dragonborn are the legacy of a race long since declined. Though Dragonborn are rare, their strength, charisma, and naturally intimidating visage ensures that they are well respected (if not outright feared) across the world. A Dragonborn places his honor above all else, and while you may not trust his motivations, you can always trust his word.

Races from the Mirror Dimensions


Eladrin resemble elves from a distance, but closer inspection reveals them as a much more other-worldly race. It should not come as a surprise, then, that they are not in fact from Oulo at all, but from the mirror dimension known as the Feywild, where The Acolyte holds mock court. Eladrin are graceful, elegant creatures, but their attitude towards others is haughty and distant. Because of this, most folk only seek out Eladrin when they have need of powerful magic, of which the Eladrin are the safest dealers.


The Shadar-Kai are a race belonging to The Keeper, and they make their home in the Shadowfell, the mirror dimension that serves as the gateway to the afterlife. It is said the the Shadar-Kai were once humans who called out to The Keeper to save them from death and despair. Whether or not that is true, the Shadar-Kai live their lives in the pursuit of the extreme without any fear of consequences. A Shadar-Kai would rather die attempting something spectacular than live a long life fading into obscurity.


Born of the elements, Genasi live in the mirror dimension Elemental Chaos, playground of The Tempest. They are the personification of the elements they manifest, and individuals who learn to manifest multiple elements even find themselves with split personalities.

Peoples of Oulo

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