Average Height: 7’2"-8’0"
Average Weight: 280-340
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares
Vision: Normal

Goliath Characteristics:
Competitive, daring, driven, inquisitive, powerful, reliable, restless, trusting, steadfast

Physical Qualities:
Goliaths tower over other races, standing between 7 and 8 feet tall. Their skin is gray or brown, mottled with darker patches that they believe hint at some aspect of each goliath’s fate or destiny. Their skin is speckled with lithoderms, coin-sized growths of bone that appear like pebbles studding their arms, shoulders, torso, and head. A bony ridge juts over their gleaming blue or green eyes. Male goliaths are bald, and females have dark hair they typically grow long and wear in braids.
Goliaths have life spans comparable to those of humans.

Background Information:
Goliaths are mountain-dwelling nomads who see life as a grand competition. Their scattered bands have never been major players in the politics of the rest of the world, and their trusting, care-free nature has led the other races to accept goliaths into society despite their imposing size. Goliaths are known for their good-natured competitiveness, which is often enough to attract a crowd and earn a goliath a modest living. Anything that can be conceived as a challenge invites goliaths to keep score, tracking their progress against both their comrades and themselves. As a race they have no patience for cheaters, gloaters, or sore losers, but goliaths can be very hard on themselves when they fail to measure up to their own past accomplishments.

Goliaths favor a more elvish view of spirituality, often offering prayers to what they call the Great Spirit in the Air. However, they respect The Father Sun for being what they see as first among equals among the gods, and have been known to ask blessings of other gods as it relates to their own personal quests for greatness.

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