Tag: human


  • Farmer Kells

    Owns a fenced pasture in [[Red Rock Bay]], which he tends with the help of his daughter, [[:lydia-kells]], and farmhand, [[:kevorin]]. He is convinced that anyone offering to help him is just looking to take advantage of him.

  • Lydia Kells

    Lydia is the daughter of [[:farmer-kells]], and is likely to inherit his herd of sheep and pasture in [[Red Rock Bay]]. She has been working the farm with him for over a decade, and is more than ready to take over, but he refuses to retire.

  • Rodryn

    The leader of a powerful thieves' guild, Rodryn has ties to all of the heroes' pasts. He killed [[:eva-jadeleaf|Eva's]] shamanistic tutor, and sold [[:evalin]] into slavery. [[:dalen|Dalen's]] mother worked for him as an informant, and Dalen's brother …