Zebra-riding Ranger


Kenku Ranger, and trusty Zebra sidekick


Evalin’s parents belonged to a small flock of Kenkus that was constantly fighting to survive, as their occupations as a battle chaplain and soldier attested to. Though her parents did all they could for her, her identical twin, and her younger brother, the flock was ultimately unable to survive as a unit and her family fell onto hard times, leading Evalin to take up a life of crime to survive. She became a slave trader, and was actually fairly successful, until a conflict with a more wealthy rival forced her to take on an assignment more daring than her normal activities, smuggling slaves into a city controlled by a powerful thieves’ guild.

Though she managed to complete her mission, on her way back out of the city, she stumbled into the wrong part of town and ended up being captured by the thieves’s guild. In a cruel twist of irony, the leader of the guild, Rodryn decided that Evalin would be sold into slavery, as a warning to those who had sent her.

Fortunately for Evalin, her experience proved to be enough to allow her to escape from Rodryn’s slavers. Though her captors pursued her, she was able to lean on her own personal knowledge of the slave trade and evade them long enough for them to give up the chase.

Evalin vanished without a trace, turning up some time later in the small town of Red Rock Bay, where she begins the campaign as a guest at the Shanked Lamb Tavern.


Oulo Zarylin