Eva Jadeleaf



Half-Elf Bard


Eva was born to a human woman, a frontier soldier who spent some time fighting skirmishes against the elven Fey Nations. Admiration for the courage and prowess of the elven warriors led to a romance with a handsome elvish man, and thereby to a half-elven baby girl, who was given the name Eva Jadeleaf, after her father. Unfortunately, the nomadic tribe soon moved on, and being unwilling to take a human into their company, Eva was left without a father figure in her life.

Eva left home after tension with her brother (a child from another of her mother’s dalliances) grew to be a nuisance, and instead went seeking information about her father’s people. She met an elven hermit, a shaman who taught her elven music and culture, and for a time was happy. This happiness was not to last though, as her mentor was murdered by Rodryn.

On a quest for vengeance, Eva set off after Rodryn, but was soon distracted by a handsome elvish man of her own. Soon after falling for him, albeit not quite soon enough, she discovered that this elf was actually the son of her father, and in fact her half-brother.

The campaign opens with Eva Jadeleaf wallowing at the bottom of a drunken depression in Red Rock Bay’s Shanked Lamb Tavern.

Eva Jadeleaf

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