Shardmind Warden


The Shardmind Dalen experienced a misfortune all too common among those of his race; that of bonding to a Tiefling family that wished he had never animated in their cellar. His ‘mother’, who worked as an informant for a thieves’ guild, hated him, and his ‘father’, a scholar and teacher, never had the guts to stand up to his wife for Dalen’s sake. Even his two brothers and two sisters saw him as an outsider in their house, and the first few years of Dalen’s existence were miserable.

His father did eventually find a solution that he hoped would work for everyone; he sent Dalen off to a temple, where he could study and learn more. Dalen excelled as a student, and when the priests could teach him no more, they arranged for him to travel with a troupe of actors and minstrels, the better to see and experience the world. Dalen was happy with this life, and could have gone on contentedly had not a rival from his past shown up, the oldest of his two tiefling ‘brothers’, Durv.

Durv used his connections with his mother’s thieves’ guild to arrange an attack on the actor’s troupe, and then blamed the incident on Dalen’s inattentiveness as a sentry. Wounded by the ambush and no longer trusted by his company, Dalen was left on the side of the road to watch as his brother disappeared down the road with the closest thing to a real family Dalen had ever known.

Dalen begins the campaign as a guest at the Shanked Lamb Tavern, having just stumbled into Red Rock Bay after his abandonment.


Oulo Zarylin